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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 27 is coming, is Apple ready?

Apple January 27 media event invitation
It's not easy being Apple these days. It's on top of the world in music with the iPod and mobile communications with its iPhone. Its Macintosh line of computers has been on a steady upswing.

And everyone's raving about a tablet computer that no one can confirm.

It's quite safe to say that Steve Jobs won't be able -- or allowed! -- to do anything wrong on January 27 during its media event, with the slogan "Come see our latest creation".

Over at Mocca's "Techie Monster" tribe, I jotted down some thoughts about Apple's huge task for the event on "January 27 is coming, is Apple ready?". I hope that Apple -- and its fans -- will be ready for whatever Steve Jobs unveils.


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hanum said...

really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

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