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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New iPhoto features - Facebook/Flickr tagging

I'm quite excited by iPhoto's new feature that incorporates Facebook and Flickr tagging. I think most people would dismiss this feature as trivial, but I see it as very useful for consumers.

For a long time, Flickr has provided an unsupported plugin for iPhoto, so that we could upload photos directly to Flickr. And in spite of Facebook's pervasiveness, I don't remember seeing an iPhoto plugin for photo uploads.

Now, Apple has delivered... and more! I enjoy tagging, for one thing, it'll be easier for me to refer back to old photos and recall the faces there. The normal method has been to store the photos in my computer, manage them through iPhoto, then upload them to Facebook/Flickr, switch to Facebook/Flickr, open the photo, then tag them.

Yeah, it's such a pain, I'm surprised no one had complained about it!

So now I can tag my photos in iPhoto directly, and when I upload them to Facebook/Flickr, the tags get passed along as well! And apparently, iPhoto can sync the tags with Facebook (and maybe Flickr too? I don't recall that bit in the keynote.)

With iPhoto's Faces feature, I think that will make tagging easier and more fun than ever. For Mac consumers everywhere, I think that this will be a boon!


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