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Friday, January 16, 2009

Apple and Steve Jobs - tied at the hip

Steve Jobs recently wrote a letter to his colleagues stating that he'll be on sick leave for the next few months. Almost immediately, the stock market reacted negatively and Apple's share price fell.

Look, I know Steve Jobs is pretty awesome at his job. He is deserving of his cult-like attraction due to this marketing genius. And he's been able to lead a company that makes its own path, rather than follow the one most travelled.

But this recent news has to make you wonder about the long-term viability of Apple. The last time Steve Jobs left Apple, the company basically floundered with a few missteps (Newton? eWorld?). Luckily, it already had its loyal followers and was able to stay afloat till Steve Jobs returned and re-galvanised the company.

Today, Apple is in a safer position with three strong product lines - Macintosh, iPod and iPhone. Yet, industry observers still think of Apple only in terms of its CEO.

So what's gonna happen when Steve Jobs quits -- or worse? After all, no one lives forever.

I'm sure that Apple's management is already working on this issue. At least the company appears to be in the safe hands of Tim Cook. Now it just needs to convince the rest of the world that Apple does not depend on one man.

Wishing Steve Jobs a quick and painless recovery!


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