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Saturday, August 16, 2008

SingTel to sell iPhone soon... but the iPhone is buggy

iPhone 3G
In the past week, two pieces of news couldn't have come at a more unfortunate time nor with such a tremendous impact.

Firstly, SingTel announced that it will start selling the Apple iPhone on August 22. This piece of news came when the telecommunication giant announced its quarterly earnings on Tuesday, 12 August. It was definitely well received by the hordes of iPhone owner-wannabes who can't wait to get their hands on the long-awaited, much-coveted device.

Unfortunately, the news barely had time to settle in before a piece of bad news started circulating widely. This was related to customer complaints about the iPhone's 3G glitches. So far, there's only been a tonne of finger-pointing between Apple, Infineon (who make the 3G chips), and AT&T (who operate the 3G phone network in the U.S.). Of course, the one at the losing end is the phone owner.

Which doesn't bode well for SingTel's much-heralded iPhone launch in one week. There's been news that a software fix will only be available in September. Which means that SingTel will be selling buggy iPhones for a month. That can't be good news for any party.

I'm sure SingTel would like a smooth launch. Hopefully, its 3G network is up to snuff and can take care of the supposed increased 3G power required by the iPhone before the software fix is made available.


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