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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G to arrive in Singapore, iTunes Store coming as well?

iPhone 3G
So it's come true. Apple has released its much-awaited, second generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G. And it'll be launching it in 22 countries on July 11.

Except that Singapore won't be one of those 22. Ah well, I guess Singapore's six-million population isn't a big enough market for a worldwide simultaneous launch.

But fret not! SingTel has promised to release it "later this year". In a news release about the iPhone 3G issued soon after Steve Jobs' keynote had ended,
Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) and Apple today announced that they will be bringing the much anticipated iPhoneTM 3G to Singapore later this year.
And if you absolutely need to make your intentions known, SingTel even has an iPhone reservation page! After filling in the form, you'll need to confirm your registration at your nearest SingTel hello! store. I wonder if this still means that we could see snaking queues outside every hello!, epiCenter and iShop stores when the iPhone 3G lands...

(The bigger question for me is: when will M1 get the iPhone 3G too???)

But wait, there's more! iPhone 3G allows one to purchase applications via the App Store, which is most likely to be a wireless service. And probably built on top of the iTunes Store platform. Put two and two together and does this herald the much-ballyhooed-but-oft-delayed arrival of the iTunes Store in the Lion City as well? An eagle-eyed Netizen spotted this telling clue: an accidentally updated iTunes Singapore web page indicating prices for songs, videos and games. $1.79 per song? Hmm, I guess Apple's going to profit from the weak U.S. dollar.

Things are a-changin'....


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