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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"MacHeads" - documentary on the cult of Mac

MacHeads - the movie (trailer)

It seems like more and more documentary movies are made, especially after Michael Moore's "Farenheit 911". The latest one that I've come across is this intriguing movie called "MacHeads". Apparently, it takes a look at the so-called "Cult of Mac", i.e. Macintosh users who have become so obsessed with the computer that they practically worship it.

The trailer shows snippets of interviews with a range of people, from the famous ones, like Guy Kawasaki (and a few other people whom I recognise but can't name), to folks who switched to the Mac and never looked back.

I think that this could be an informative movie, provided that it's presented objectively, of course. Mac die-hards are a well-known breed who make for good documentary fodder. All in all, you'd probably be left with one of two feelings: sheer awe at the power of the Apple/Macintosh brand, or pity for these Mac "cultists".


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